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Kipnis Law Offices provides representation in all 21 Counties in the State of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including all varieties of litigation (civil, criminal, chancery, and family) venued in the Superior Court of New Jersey, all Municipal Courts in New Jersey, as well as the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey. Call Kipnis Law Offices for a free consultation.


Consumer Protection Litigation

Daryl brings the unique experience of having worked for one of the most prominent law firms in the State of New Jersey specializing in consumer debt collection for over 9 years to his own practice. Kipnis Law Offices understands that many individuals and families living in the State of New Jersey may find themselves in the position of being pursued for alleged debts by parties holding themselves out to be creditors, debt purchasers, and debt collectors. We have extensive knowledge of the regulations and procedures that these entities must follow in the course of their activities to conduct their business in accordance with the letter of the law, however, this unfortunately does not happen in every instance. In those cases, a consumer may be entitled to recover damages as provided by law, as well as counsel fees. We can also assist you in negotiating a potential settlement of the amount claimed as due in a debt collection action. Read More:


Real Estate Law

Buying or selling your home or business location is a major life endeavor and it helps tremendously to have an experienced real estate attorney guide you through the process every step of the way from contract to closing. Kipnis Law Offices handles all real estate transactions, residential and commercial.

Business Law

Daryl has advocated for a veritable cornucopia of clients from the business community throughout his career, including, but not limited to: medical practices, hospitals, landlords, accounting firms, casinos, home improvement contractors, security system providers, banks, insurance companies, IT companies, advertising and marketing companies, and yes, even other lawyers! Kipnis Law Offices understands that disputes are an unfortunate but probable occurrence in the business world – and will prepare you with a view towards obtaining a favorable resolution thereof, whether in Court, or through alternative dispute resolution. 


Consumer Protection Law
(Debt Collection Defense, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act/Fair Credit Reporting Act/Telecommunications Consumer Protection Act claims, Consumer Fraud, Products Liability, and Class Actions)
Real Estate Transactions (Residential and Commercial)

Buying or selling your home or business location is a major life endeavor and it helps tremendously to have an experienced real estate attorney guide you through the process every step of the way from contract to closing. Kipnis Law Offices handles all real estate transactions, residential and commercial.

Environmental Law
Compliance with applicable environmental regulations are critical to the successful operation of a business in the State of New Jersey. We have experience representing and working with Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRPs) and businesses in connection with New Jersey environmental issues that present themselves In transactions, regulatory actions, and litigation.
Labor & Employment
If you have been wrongfully terminated from your job, or if you were reassigned, demoted or asked to take a pay cut, and believe you were the victim of discrimination or harassment, Kipnis Law Offices can help you obtain compensation from your employer. We handle all wrongful termination, workplace discrimination & harassment, hostile work environment, violation of employment agreements, and Conscientious Employee Protection Act (“whistleblower”) claims. We can also help request religious or medical exemptions from your employer’s vaccination mandates, or accommoodations for any other requirement of your employment that conflicts with your religious beliefs, or interferes with any medical condition you may have.

Kipnis Law Offices also helps employers deal with employee disputes and assists in creating employment policies and agreements.


If you feel you are in an insurmountable level of debt, Kipnis Law Offices can help you get a fresh financial start in bankruptcy, if you qualify. Obtaining relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code can potentially eliminate most of your debts forever and even help you save your home from foreclosure. We handle both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 matters, and will assist you in finding the right solutions for you, and be there for you every step of the way through the process.

Business and Commercial Law (Litigation and Transactions)

We handle all varieties of business transactions, such as purchases and sales of business assets and/or business entities, and provide legal advice to business owners regarding corporate governance, employment concerns, and more. We also handle business and commercial litigation.

Criminal Defense/Municipal Court

If you become charged with a crime, traffic or local ordinance violation, or if you believe you are under investigation, you should make sure your rights are protected, and you can count on Kipnis Law Offices when it’s all on the line.

When prosecutors or government regulators are involved, the stakes could not be higher. Kipnis Law Offices brings years of knowledge and experience in defending individuals and corporations in regulatory and criminal investigations.

We use our extensive trial experience and are highly skilled in responding to search warrants, subpoenas, and requests for information in addition to advising clients through complex grand jury investigations and achieving favorable dispositions of regulatory and criminal cases brought by the federal and state governments.

We handle all criminal and traffic matters at the federal, state, and municipal level, including, but not limited to DUI/DWI Defense, Traffic Violations, Firearms Charges, Drug Offenses, and all Criminal charges), and also handle expungements of criminal and arrest records.

Education Law (Special Education, IEPs, Autism)

If you have a child with special needs, we can help them obtain the quality of education which they deserve from your school district. If you believe your public school district is failing to provide a free & appropriate education for your child, call Kipnis Law Offices today.

General Civil Litigation
Personal Injury

Being injured in an accident or as the result of an intentional act can have a devastating impact to your life and to your family, and we can help you obtain compensation under the law. Kipnis Law Offices handles all types of personal injury matters.

Estate Planning

(Wills, Living Wills, General Durable Power of Attorney Documents)

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Election Law

Daryl Kipnis is a Certified NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission Treasurer for State Legislative and Gubernatorial Campaigns, has handled voting rights and ballot access cases for voters, political organizations, and candidates alike, and was even a candidate himself. If you are running for public office and need legal assistance, call Kipnis Law Offices today.

Family Law

(Divorce, Custody, Post-Judgment Relief including but not limited to Child Support and Alimony Modifications, and All Family Court matters)

Healthcare Law

(Including but not limited to: insurance coverage and medical billing disputes, and medical practice agreements)

We handle all U.S. Immigration related matters – Permanent Residency, Citizenship, Employment Visas, DACA, and more.


Our Story

Daryl operates a full-service law office with a client-centered focus in the areas including, but not limited to: consumer protection litigation, commercial litigation, criminal and municipal court matters, personal injury, bankruptcy, immigration,  business formation and transactions, education law including IEPs for autistic and other special needs children, landlord-tenant matters, labor and employment law, and real estate law.

  • Personal Injury 100%
  • Immigration 100%
  • Business Formation and Transactions 100%
  • Municipal Court 100%
  • Real Estate Law 100%
  • Criminal Law 100%
  • Family Law 100%
  • Bankruptcy 100%
  • Special Education 100%