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Consumer Protection Litigation

Daryl brings the unique experience of having worked for one of the most prominent law firms in the State of New Jersey specializing in consumer debt collection for over 9 years to his own practice. Kipnis Law Offices understands that many individuals and families living in the State of New Jersey may find themselves in the position of being pursued for alleged debts by parties holding themselves out to be creditors, debt purchasers, and debt collectors. We have extensive knowledge of the regulations and procedures that these entities must follow in the course of their activities to conduct their business in accordance with the letter of the law, however, this unfortunately does not happen in every instance. In those cases, a consumer may be entitled to recover damages as provided by law, as well as counsel fees. We can also assist you in negotiating a potential settlement of the amount claimed as due in a debt collection action.

Additionally, we have been successful in recovering damages for consumer clients in matters involving violations of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. If you feel that you have been taken advantage of by a home improvement contractor, car dealer, or any retailer of consumer goods, they may have violated the law, and you may also be entitled to recover treble (triple) damages a well as counsel fees.

If you have experienced any of the above, please contact Kipnis Law Offices for a free consultation.